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Feb 2, 2013 7:00am EST
to the federal government used to pay unemployment benefits to nevadans who are out of work. this will stabilize the rate paid by businesses and insure that the entire amount is paid off by 2016. [applause] >> we will also work on project neon, a project that will meet the most critical transportation needs of southern nevada. project neon is perhaps the largest public works project in nevada since the construction of hoover dam. [applause] it will completely modernize the infrastructure of the grid and insure that our commute is safer and more efficient for decades to come. [applause] nevada must continue to lead in other ways, and no opportunity is as rich with promise as our primary industry, gaming. nevada was the first state to legalize and regulate online gaming. in the absence of federal action on this issue, nevada must continue to lead. the nevada gaming control board will bring legislation to eliminate nevada's statutory barriers to interstate online poker and ask for authority to enter into interstate agreements. nevada has always been the gold standard of both gaming regulation and o
Feb 9, 2013 6:00am EST
we must look both backward and forward. like other social justice movements before us we have been fortunate to have a dynamic determined smart and passionate leaders willing to step forward to expose our nation's disturbing and painful gaps in freedom and then call on us to dig for our moral compass and push our country forward. leaders like del mar. in and phyllis lion who still carry on, despite the passing of del. frank kennedy, barrick lost and, if your margin. [applause] despite all their accomplishments i suspect not one of them would claim to have made the loan. in communities across the country they came together with lovers, friends carry compatriots in the struggle for human rights, they created families. chosen families. well the community suddenly did not invent the idea of a dozen family i believe through necessity and through our struggle to survive and to love for the may have perfected. [applause] i have been in this movement along time, and we have changed everything from the words we use to describe our love for each other to changing the words we use in our marr
Feb 23, 2013 7:00am EST
the country around the world auditing this class in a test for whether or not we can use the same technology that will create an enhanced e-book but use that technology to invite large numbers of students to take part in sending questions and questioning to what is and get to know each other or using the web. there are a lot of newfangled items going on about how this is presented as i am struggling to catch up with myself. they instructed me how to sweet and twitter and facebook and all these other things but a lot of things like the enhance e-book i can't do because i don't have and i had but i do believe in the possibility of the immediacy year and if you are trying to tell legitimate story that is important from history you need to take every resource, every chance you can to make connections. that is the novelty side of what i am presenting here and i'm interested in what you have got to think about. the notion of repeating, using some language, i 6 things together in these stories. let me talk about misremembering, imbalanced sense of history, the urgency that lies in this book, why i
Feb 16, 2013 6:00am EST
and ask that each agency inform us of how they intend to better supervise the financial system. while concerns have been raised about whether a few firms remain too big to fail, wall street reform provides regulators with new tools to address the issue head on. this is one of the many reasons why fully implementing the law remains important not just for constituents but for future generations. as we approach the five-year anniversary of the failure of bear stearns we must not lose sight of why we pass wall street reform. congress enacted the law into the wake of the more severe financial crisis in the lifetime of most americans. i asked the gao to study the question of how costly it was to better understand the impact the crisis had on the nation. in a roort releaeport released which i enter in the record the gao concluded while the precise cost of the crisis is difficult to calculate the total damage to the economy may be as high as $13 trillion. i say again $13 trillion. with a "t" dollars. as they urge you to consider the benefits of continuing to implement wall street reform. i wo
Feb 16, 2013 7:00am EST
and many people are moving away to avoid uncertainty into the futures market. can you tell us what risks might be posed by that and how you are going to respond to finalizing these rules and you educated your budget issue is probably a critical factor in that again. >> what we're seeing in the derivative market place, the future marketplace has been regulated for 7 or 8 decades and transparency and risk reduction in clearing. the marketplace develop and 30 years ago, always between 80% and 90%, in the sense of the outstanding derivatives. it dictated we bring transparency and the regulated market, there has been some relabeling, shifting as we say. the good news is the future or a swap, you have transparency. after the transaction, futures before the transaction occurs, we have central clearing to lower the risks and ensure access. and in the swap market place around swap execution facilities and the block roll, we also in the futures world have to ensure we don't lose something that was once swapped, moves over, calls itself futures and some of the exchanges lowered the transparency. we
Feb 9, 2013 7:00am EST
allowing us to ask the right questions, it will send a clear signal that we value everybody equally. >> thank you, mr. deputy speaker, i congratulate the hon. gentleman for his honest and forthright contribution to this debate. this is my own personal view and i know it is probably going to be much different to the vast majority of my own party and i respect the difference. for the first time in history our government has recorded a bill that will change the nature of marriage in law. to society, a shared view of the essential purpose of marriage, primarily an institution that supports the bearing and raising of children, and marriage in civic life was launched yesterday evening and again. >> roger gale. >> to follow my friend, to concur with his speech. mr. deputy speaker, i have the privilege of chairing the civil partnerships bill, as has been said very clear undertakings were given by the government and the opposition benches that this was not the thin end of the wedge. this was not a bill for same-sex marriage. this was an engine itself to write very considerable wrongs in law.
Feb 23, 2013 6:00am EST
yes, he believes in black autonomy. he's not an integrationist as such and he said it's up to us, it is our struggle. >> taylor branch, author of the multivolume, "america in the king years" presents his thoughts on key moments in the civil rights movement. this is about an hour and 15 minutes. >> thank you, mr. hill. i've been here before. i'm glad to be back and now glad to be back talking about something that has been a subject dear to me for my whole life and is inescapable now that i'm getting older, that it is my life's work and i am glad for it. this is another round. i'm going to take more questions tonight. going to say provocative things about what i think this history is significant and about this project itself, which is a little odd to spend 24 years writing a 2300 page trilogy and commodity years later with 190 page book. a lot of people who have read some of the other ones think it's probably not true, that i'm not capable of writing something this brief. i assure you that i did. there is blood on the floor of my office because it's about eliminating or setting asi
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7